Auckland Pride announces a year-round calendar of queer events for and by Auckland’s Rainbow Communities!

Auckland Pride’s newest initiative furthers the queer agenda by creating a year-round calendar of queer events for and by Auckland’s Rainbow Communities. The Queer Agenda aims to continue the incredible energy of Pride Month throughout the year while continuing to support queer artists, event-organisers, and the wider rainbow community.

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The Queer Agenda is a platform for event organisers to promote their events from March - December, and create a unified calendar for our community and queer visitors to Auckland to connect and experience the best of what Tāmaki Makaurau has to offer.

The Queer Agenda launches with an incredible range of events, from Auckland Live’s Cabaret Season, theatre works from Gawky Productions and Brilliant Adventures, queer comedy from No Homo, as well as an audio festival, club night, drag events, and a panel discussion!

The initiative serves and expands on Auckland Pride’s core objectives; to support our rainbow communities, showcasing diversity, and capacity building. The platform will build upon the success of Auckland Pride Month and ensure that our communities have spaces year round to share their stories, celebrate who they are, and fight for progress.

Events are what Auckland Pride does best,” says Director of Pride Max Tweedie.The Queer Agenda builds on our fundamental purpose - to showcase the excellence of our communities during Auckland Pride Month. Today we’re supercharging that purpose, improving the reach of queer events throughout the year and supporting our artists and event organisers.

Our communities don’t stop being proud after February ends, and today we’ve taken a huge step towards making Pride year-round. We’re excited to see an increase in attendance and number of queer of events outside February, and the corresponding increase in social connection which is so crucial for our community’s wellbeing.

While there’s a small fee for commercial/ticketed events to be included in The Queer Agenda, this will also support free registrations for community events. All events will be reviewed by the Auckland Pride team to ensure they fit with our values, as well as safe, accessible, and inclusive.