Grayson Goffe


Artist bio

As a Māori arts practitioner that draws on lived experience of Colonisation and Intergenerational trauma, Grayson (Taranaki) intentionally places himself within resilient communities approaching adversity as opportunities for growth. Grayson believes in the transformational potential creative practice/process can have within a community, enabling individuals to reimagine, disrupt and rebuild our future both collaboratively and equitably. Whether we find Grayson leading kaupapa for Auckland City Council, standing in solidarity at Ihumātao or ‘acting’ as onset Kaitiaki for the popular NZ Comedy Central program ‘SIS’, there

is always an underlying need to explore and weave in Te Ao Māori. Grayson brings warmth and a sense of humor to embrace troubling realities to start meaningful conversations within our society. Driven to see social justice for Māori and wider under-represented communities, Grayson is the director of Whakamanatia a Kaupapa Māori based community group that nurtures identity to nourish community, working on various social enterprise such as ‘Te Paparahi toi Māori’ and ‘Boil Up Crew’. More recently his time has been spent on developing Mauwai alongside two other directors that exists to enhance wellbeing & self determination by co-creating learning environments that value lived experience, culture, identity and creativity.

IG: goffeloft

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