Tyrone Te Waa

Tyrone Te Waa

Artist bio

Through Tyrone's hand, found, reclaimed and recycled textiles become obscure humanoid figures. Often suspended or supported by scaffolding, his work captures an innate sentimentality. Each of us at our core, in our bones, have an inherited history, a legacy, an oddity, a quality of chaos, and yet, a likeness to those around us. While we each have our own nuances there is both a beauty and a bond in our shared ruggedness. We are all human. In how each of his pieces is uniquely their own, they somehow all seem to hold a mirror up to us - confronting our shared truths, and asking us who we relate to most in a sea of object and colour.

Tyrone's work denies lines of site and interrupts floor plans, the mummification of his scaffolding and the scale of his work create a beautiful stillness in space, while the fluidity and freeness of the forms bring a sense of vulnerability out of their audience. There is a tension between chaos and control, between restraint and relentlessness.

IG: tewa.aa

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